Plans Standard I Standard II Advanced I
Disk Space 400MB 800MB 1200MB
Bandwidth 16GB 24GB 32GB
Yearly Price $80 USD $130 USD $200 USD
99.9% Uptime yes yes yes
24/7/365 Support yes yes yes
Free Setup yes yes yes
Order Order Order
You can create...
Domains 1 5 5
Subdomains 5 5 5
FTP Accounts 3 3 6
E-Mail Accounts 5 5 10
All plans have...
Spam Assasin yes yes yes
Password Protected Folders yes yes yes
Track visitors with...
Webalizer yes yes yes
Plans Standard I Standard II Advanced I
Yearly Price $80 USD $130 USD $200 USD
Order Order Order

In the table above, the key characteristics that vary from plan to plan are outlined in blue. See the notes below for help deciding which plan to select.

Disk Space

When considering which Hosting Plan to purchase, the key decision will usually be how much disk space you need. You will need some disk space for your email messages and for system files—reserve at least 30MB for that—but for most people the most space will be used by web site files.

One way to determine how much space you need for your site is to make a version of your site on your home PC. If your site is all in (and underneath) one folder on your PC, right-click on that folder and select Properties. The "Size on Disk" value is approximately how much space your site will require once it is moved to our web host.

If your site is made from multiple folders on your PC, add up all the "Size on Disk" values to get the total.

Second Site users can use the Utilities > Output folder > Show Size command to determine how much disk space their site requires.


When purchasing a web hosting package, bandwidth is the amount of actual data that can be transferred from the web server that holds your website to the browser of the person who is looking at your website. It is stated as a monthly limit in gigabytes (GB). A gigabyte is 1,000,000,000 bytes.

This may help you put that information in perspective. The average web page is around 40,000 (40K) bytes. With 1GB of bandwidth, you could transfer that file more than 26,800 times before you ran out of bandwidth.

Please note that for any person who visits your site more than once, any pages that they have already visited will usually not be transferred again; the pages will be in their web cache and the browser will use that local copy.

For most users, 4.0GB of bandwidth will be enough. If you share large files with other users, or if you have a popular site, you may need more.